Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 Review – A Safe Way to Lose Weight Quick?

Trying to lose weight is something that most of us concern ourselves with. This is because it is really difficult to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime and it is unbelievably hard to break through bad habits. However, with a little bit of dedication and commitment and the right supplements, shedding pounds is certainly possible. One supplement that you may want to consider is Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1.

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Who Are Real Dose?

One of the things that made me like Real Dose so much is that they aren’t just a standard health and nutrition company. Rather, they are headed by an actual doctor, Dr. Sisskind, and he is known to want to improve health and well-being across the board. To demonstrate this, the company makes a range of health related products, including Weight Loss Formula No. 1

What Is Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1?

Simply put, it is an all-natural product that stops you from feeling hungry and curbs your appetite. This means that you won’t eat as many calories with weight loss being the automatic result of this. However, the ingredients do more than that as well. They bring down levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which means you will feel happier as well.

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How Does it Achieve all This?

It all sounds a bit too good to be true. A product that is safe for everybody to take, regardless of allergies and dietary requirements, that is not a stimulant or addictive, that helps curb your appetite and increase your metabolism and that makes you feel happier, all for just $67 per month (or less if you buy multiple bottles, by the way). While I am reluctant to believe anything that is too good to be true, I have had to change my opinion on this one. One capsule three times a day about half an hour before your meal is all it needs and the results were fantastic.

Basically, what Dr. Sisskind has discovered is that there are four hormones that stop us from losing weight. And Real Dose addresses this. These hormones are:

  1. Adiponectin, which triggers the body to burn fat and use it as energy. Most overweight people don’t have enough adiponectin, which gets them trapped in an endless cycle of gaining more and more weight.
  2. Ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone and tells our brain that the midnight snack from the fridge is absolutely vital to our survival. People with food cravings (like me) tend to have higher ghrelin levels as well.
  3. Insulin, which directs your glucose and tells your muscles to use energy. However, insulin resistant bodies tend to not store glucose as muscle fuel, but rather as fat.
  4. Cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Not only does this make us feel bad, however, it also sends us to crave sweets and to break down muscle tissue.

Ok, so it still sounds too good to be true. However, I took the plunge and took the pills as well as following the advice in the complimentary Fat Loss Fast Start program. I lost 5lbs in just two weeks. Perhaps not hugely impressive, but the inner transformation is amazing. I am energized, happy and ready to take on the world (including that exercise program that has been gathering dust in my drawer).

Supplement Facts

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RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 Supplement Facts

Another thing I really liked about Real Dose is that they tell you what’s in their products. Hence, if you are worried about any of the ingredients, you can simply look them up and verify what they do. So, the ingredients are:

  • Dolichos biflorus seed extract. This is an extract from an Indian climbing plant that has been used as animal food for a long time. This is blended with Betel leaf extract, an Asian nut that is often chewed for psychoactive effects. Studies have shown that when these two ingredients are mixed, they create an anti-adipogenic effect. This means that it helps you burn fat quicker while at the same time suppressing your appetite
  • This is an extract from decaffeinated green coffee beans. Studies have shown that these are high in chlorogenic acid, which controls how much glucose is released into the bloodstream. In other words, it helps you lose weight!
  • Siberian Rhodiola Rosea extract. This comes from the Golden Root plant, which is often consumed in Russia as an anti-depressant. Furthermore, it has anti-fatigue properties. Clinical trials have shown that it brings down levels of cortisol and that it helps fight belly fat.
  • Bioperine, which is a black pepper supplement. This is found in various weight loss supplements as it helps to increase effects of other ingredients. Furthermore, it has been clinically proven that different types of peppers help to speed up metabolism and thereby burn fat.

What I Liked about Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1


  • The product contains all natural ingredients that have been tested on humans.
  • Clinical studies prove the efficacy of each of the ingredients.
  • Full openness and clarity has been provided on each of the ingredients.
  • It can be taken by anyone, regardless of any dietary needs or requirements.
  • Besides addressing weight loss needs, it also helps to improve mood and reduce stress.
  • If purchased in multiple bottles, you receive a significant discount.
  • It comes with a free Fat Loss Fast Start program.
  • It comes with a full 365 day money back guarantee.

What I Didn’t Like about Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1

  • There is very little information about whether or not there could be any side effects associated with this product, other than that it is not a stimulant.
  • Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a miracle diet pill, and you will need to commit to a healthy diet and good exercise regime as well.

The Final Verdict on Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1


Losing weight is hard, unfortunately. It means making real lifestyle changes and committing to breaking down bad habits. However, by using a supplement like Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1, you can get that helping hand that is so needed to kick start your weight loss. Added to this the hints and tips provided in the Fat Loss Fast Start program and you will really see a change very quickly. I certainly did! Since the supplement also works as a mood booster and stress reducer, you will not only look and feel better in terms of your body, but also in terms of your mental health. I 100% recommend this five star product.

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