My DNA Lifestyle Reviewed

My DNA Lifestyle Reviewed – The Best Lifestyle Changing Program

Many people want to become more fit and healthy. To do so, they often sign up to short term exercise programs or try out crash diets. None of these actions really work, as what is needed in order to sustain overall health is a true lifestyle change. This is what is offered by My DNA Lifestyle.

dna spectrumWhat Is My DNA Lifestyle?

Every person’s DNA is unique. In it, the function and structure of every cell in your body has been determined. Your DNA makes you who you are, and it also determines how well an exercise program and/or diet works on you. My DNA Lifestyle sequences your DNA and, based on that science, determines what the best fitness and nutrition programs for you. To achieve this, an algorithm has been created that looks at your various genetic markers, as well as your gender, age, weight, height and ethnic origin.

Benefits of My DNA Lifestyle

By looking at your DNA, you will be able to find out what is the best exercise program for you. Your optimal exercise plan can be determined simply by looking at what your body does and does not respond to. Additionally, you will receive an exclusively designed diet that is determined by looking at your metabolism, which is also in your DNA. Finally, you will receive individual advice on the nutrition you need to support your healthy lifestyle changes.

The fitness program will include exercises that your DNA is guaranteed to respond positively to. You will you see the best results. This means you no longer have to take part in a “one size fits all” exercise program, but rather in something unique to you, as unique as your DNA. This will greatly increase your overall well-being, as well as your fitness levels and weight.

How Does My DNA Lifestyle Work?

The approach offered by My DNA Lifestyle is truly innovative. It is based on the idea that every person is completely unique and therefore has unique needs and requirements. These can all be determined by sequencing your DNA and looking at your genetic makeup.

dna testing kitWhen you order your My DNA Lifestyle kit, you will need to take a saliva sample and return it to DNA Spectrum, the developers behind the program. Once your sample has been received, the lab will need two days to analyze your DNA and they will send you the test results and advice on how to proceed with your fitness and nutrition plan.

One of the things you will receive is your fitness body profile. This will highlight your specific exercise genes and which genotype focuses on that within your body. Based on that, you will receive advice and recommendations on the exercises you should take part in. You will also receive an exercise calculator and premium activity monitor that allows you to track your workouts using real time technology. Additionally, you will receive further advanced training advice based on your DNA, which shows you whether to focus on strength or endurance, and whether you should take part in low or high intensity training.

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training advice


At $139, My DNA Lifestyle is on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price. However several reviews are showing that this offer provides good value for your money.

A few customer reviews are highlighted below:

    • “Fantastic customer service, with a team on call to explain every element of your results”. Deena, 38, Nevada
    • “It allows you to find out about your ethnic ancestry and how this influences what your fitness and lifestyle needs are now.” Brad, 44, Newport Beach, California
    • “The personalized exercises allow you to focus more in the gym and see bigger, better and quicker results”. Erik, 49, Texas
    • “It helps you develop a great exercising and diet plan, and you can also find out about your ethnic ancestry”….Minnie, 34, Pensacola, FL

What I Liked about My DNA Lifestyle

  • It is a program based on real science.
  • As every DNA sequence is completely unique, the results of the tests are completely unique, too.
  • It offers both fitness and nutrition advice, as well as a diet for those who want to kick start their weight loss.
  • DNA Spectrum also offers DNA Ancestry, which gives you great details about where you came from on this planet. This is great to show that we are all humans, but also for those who have an interest in genealogy and want to track their ancestry.

What I Didn’t Like about My DNA Lifestyle

  • At $139, it certainly isn’t the cheapest program out there. However, the price seems fair considering the scientific testing that is involved in it. Additionally, it does offer value for money.
  • Some have stated that having the results returned can take quite a long time.

The Final Verdict

I believe that getting fit and healthy is something unique and individual. Most of us know, deep down, that one size fits all exercise and nutrition programs simply do not work. In many cases, diets address either nutrition or exercise, such as the Blood Type Diet, but not both. Through My DNA Lifestyle, you can address every element required to live a healthy life, as well as getting to know information about who you are and where you came from. I fully recommend this program….go ahead and try it too.

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